Here is what your contributions
can accomplish:
Launch our alternative media effort
You’ve seen the beginnings of this in what we have done with our website. We want to give you the news from the grassroots that the establishment media ignores. And we want to provide analysis of stories that are poorly covered in the press. Now we need $1000 to take a key next step by purchasing a 6-month subscription to the State House News Service, the press pool on Beacon Hill. This will greatly increase our ability to keep abreast of State House developments and provide commentary on news articles.

Establish MCHC as a tax-deductible organization
We’ve finished the paperwork to make MCHC a full-fledged 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Now we need to pay the $500 IRS application fee that must accompany our application. This IRS designation will allow us to apply for foundation grants to support our projects. It’s a tribute to our volunteers that we have come this far on largely volunteer power alone. But our organization has now reached critical mass and we need to secure our legal status to secure grants and hire our first paid staff.
Upgrade our website and to complete our member database
The next $500 will allow us to create a more useful and exciting website and expand our member database so that we can more easily activate the hundreds of Massachusetts residents who have signed on to support fair taxes and healthy communities.

Make sure our key projects continue.
The remaining $500 will be spent on our key projects, including:

      — Holding Save Our Community forums across Massachusetts to build support for raising revenues through fair taxes;
      — Research and reports documenting the harmful effects of the budget cuts on our communities and economy. Our special report on the health costs of cutting teen pregnancy prevention and tobacco control programs is ready for release and we need to cover printing costs.
      — Helping to build the momentum for restoring cuts to health care and moving toward universal health care;

Please give generously!
Each dollar you contribute will be used effectively to strengthen the voices calling for a fair and just resolution of our current fiscal and social crisis.
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