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Issue:  Our Democracy
A healthy democracy is essential to the formulation of good policy.

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Campaign Donations Sway Votes
Votes and money are correlated in Congress

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Connecticut Enacts Public Financing Law
Connecticut Enacts Public Financing Law

Money was Big Winner in 2002 Elections
Nearly $12 million was spent in Massachusetts legislative races.

Romney Vetoes Finneran’s Pay Raise Bill
Payoffs for loyalty called inappropriate in tight budget year

Senators Polled on Clean Elections
MCHC asks where they stood on repeal

Finneran at center of redistricting law suit
Did Speaker Finneran violate rights of minority voters?

Lobbying is big business in Massachusetts
$53.8 million is spent each year to influence legislators

House kills rules reform
Democracy is axed as Finneran tightens grip

Roll Call Votes – House
Roll call votes in the House of Representatives

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Campaign Donations Sway Lawmakers’ Vote
Study shows that Congressional votes and money are correlated.

Save Clean Elections!
Stop the attempt to repeal Clean Elections

Citizens to Protest Bill Aimed at Demonstrations
Bill filed in Massachusetts legislature would encroach upon First Amendment rights.

March 6 Forum: Electoral Competition
How can we give voters more choices in the voting booth?

Election Reform Forum – Feb 3
Jill Stein, Stephen Hill, Alexander Keys, and John Bonifaz to speak.

note: all items are listed in chronological order

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