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Issue:  Tax Policy
Healthy communities have a fair tax system that raises sufficient revenues for vital programs.

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Expanded Gambling: Think Twice
Are slot machines compatible with healthy communities?

Fair Taxes for All
Beware the fake citizen groups pushing tax cuts for the wealthy

Handout for millionaires
In Congress, more tax breaks for the super-rich

What’s wrong with our tax system? How can we fix it?

Are Taxes Good for the Economy?
Nobel-prize winning economist explains why cutting spending hurts the economy, and raising taxes is preferable.

The Fair Tax Solution
How fair taxes can solve the budget crisis.

IRS Losing Battle with Tax Cheaters
Billions go uncollected while Congress looks the other way.

Shaking down the blind
Do we have to hike fees for the blind and handicapped?

Study reveals an unfair tax system
Poor paying more than the rich in Massachusetts

ISSUES – Legalized Gambling
Resources and quotes

A good tax system
What would it look like?

How do our taxes compare?
How do taxes in Massachusetts compare to other states?

Corporate Taxes Dropping
As corporations pay less, average taxpayers pick up the tab

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Raytheon Asked to Reveal Tax Breaks
How much does Raytheon really get in tax breaks?

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note: all items are listed in chronological order

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