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Issue:  The Budget
What is happening with the state budget?

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Legislature’s Budget is Unwise and Unfair
MCHC’s response to the House budget

A crisis in values, too
Boston Globe Op-Ed on the budget crisis

Remarks from the Statehouse 18 Rally
Remarks by speakers at the State House rally

Romney’s Vetoes Target Our Communities
What Romney chose to veto reveals his values.

Speeches from the June 25 Rally
Remarks of Giovanna Negretti, David Noiles, and Peter Knowlton

State leaders not doing the job
Op-ed from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Understanding the Budget Debate
Some Q&A;’s on the budget process

What created the budget crisis?
Guest Opinion

ISSUE: Budget Cuts
Impacts of FY04 Budget Cuts

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Planning Group Finds Flaws in Fast-track AuctionsBut proposed new legislation
Planning Group Finds Flaws in Fast-track Auctions But proposed new legislation still disempowers communities

Activists Call for Funding, Not Cuts
18 arrested activists return to State House

Health Funds Raided to Provide Corporate Handouts
$110 in tobacco settlement money to be given away

Fix It Now!
Groups Call State Budget A Disaster

Coalition of Groups Calls State Budget A Disaster
Calls for Legislature and Governor to “Fix It Now!”

Who Voted to Kill Clean Elections?
We asked the Senators how they voted.

Reports on the struggle for a fair budget

More Budget Mischief: MBTA Fare Hikes
House goes after public transportation riders

>>>> NEWS SUMMARY <<<<
Summary of recent news articles

Finneran Speaks
Finneran speaks out for corporate tax breaks

House Budget Slashes Programs, Protects Loopholes
House outdoes Romney in slashing programs and refusing to close tax loopholes.

MCHC Testimony on Solving the Budget Crisis
MCHC presented testimony before the House Revenues Task Force.

House Moves to Stifle Budget Debate
New House Rules Make Massive Cuts More Likely

A Search for Taxing Answers (newpaper article)
Natick meeting calls for tax fairness.

Mass Nurses Association Blasts Governor’s Health Care Cuts
Calls Cuts Shortsighted, Misguided and Devastating to Children and Seniors

Massachusetts State College Association responds to proposal
On Feb. 24, the Boston Herald carried an article concerning the rumors coming out of the Romney administration concerning the new Governor’s plans to re-configure/re-organize the Massachusetts Higher Education system — specifically, closing one or two community colleges (rumor is Bunker Hill and/or Mass Bay), and turning two state colleges into privately funded institutions (Mass Art and/or the Mass Maritime Academy).

Hidden injuries
MASTER PLAN: Governor Mitt Romney has been on a PR blitz since the release of his budget. Will Beacon Hill buy it? Will the public? And will anyone ever figure out just what’s in it?

Battle brews on ending Bulger’s job
Governor Romney’s budget calls for “consolidating” the state college system. A closer look reveals that attacking Billy Bulger to score political points and turning public resources over to private enterprise under the guise of “privatization” and “alliances with business” is what will result.

MCHC Calls for Alternative to Romney Budget
Stable revenues and fair taxes needed to save vital programs.

Save Our Communities!
Citizens Call for New Approach to the Budget

Arts and culture takes a hit
Cuts loom in outreach, youth, arts education programs

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A Call For Immediate Action ….
Join the rally at the State House

Check the roll call – then call your representative!
Check this roll call vote. Then pick up the phone!

Sign the Petition!
Speak up for real solutions and fair taxes.

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