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Issue:  Education (K-12)
Every child deserves quality education in grades K-12.

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Report from the Classroom
Students are back. But not all their teachers.

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Studies in sacrifice: Selected schools to take budget hit
Boston public schools with shrinking enrollments as well as the most populated campuses could endure the harshest budget cuts this fall, resulting in possible teacher layoffs and shortened library hours at some schools.

Reductions Hurt Across State, Say Union and Administrators
About 1,400 teachers have lost their jobs, class sizes have grown so large that they’re hard to control, and some students are paying high fees for sports, activities, and transportation.

Schools Open With Fewer Teachers, Higher Fees
Budget cuts are eroding the quality of our schools.

Teachers Picket Against Budget Cuts
Education suffering, say Boston Teachers

Library Closings Begin
Budget cuts have closed their first library.

Budget Ax Falling on Libraries
Service cuts will affect many programs.

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Pressured communities threaten to defy state on MCAS
Students failing test still may get ‘local diplomas’

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