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September 27, 2005
Energy Efficiency Bill Advances

With petroleum prices soaring in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, it’s clearly time to do something to prevent the waste of energy. The state legislature is currently considering the Energy Efficiency Standards bill, HB 4299, which would cut energy waste by setting minimum energy efficiency standards for commonly used appliances like furnaces, floor lamps, and boilers. According to MassPIRG, this bill would save consumers and businesses a billion dollars on their electricity and natural gas bills while also improving air quality and the reliability of the electricity grid.

The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed the bill by an overwhelming majority last week. Now the Massachusetts State Senate needs to follow suit.

Please take a moment to call and ask your state Senator to pass the Energy Efficiency Standards bill, HB 4299. See information from MassPIRG below


Ask Your Senator to Support Energy Efficiency
(information provided by MassPIRG)

You can call the state Senate switchboard at 617-722-2000. Here’s a sample message you can leave:

“Hello, my name is _____ and I live in _______. I urge you to make sure
that the Energy Efficiency Standards bill, HB 4299, passes.”

After you call, let MassPIRG know about it. To report your call, click on this link or paste it into your web browser:



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