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Veto Strikes at Toxics Use Reduction Institute

While Governor Romney and the Legislative leadership have generally agreed to slashing $2 billion in budget cuts while preserving tax loopholes for the wealthy. But Governor Romney has seen fit to make an additional $200m in budget cuts by casting vetoes.

One of the governor’s vetoes would eliminate the entire Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI). TURI is nationally recognized as an example of how government can work with industry to reduce the use of toxic chemicals. (For more about TURI, see the box at the end of this article.) The $1.1 million that would be saved by eliminating TURI is comparable to the cost of a single cancer caused by exposure to toxic chemicals.

Fortunately, the Massachusetts Legislature still has a chance to save TURI by overriding the Governor’s veto.


– Call your legislators and ask them to override the Romney veto of TURI funding (Line 7100-0300).

– Call Governor Romney at 617-725-4000. Let him know that you are very disappointed that he vetoed the Toxics Use Reduction Institute in his budget vetoes (Line 7100-0300). Tell him that protecting our health from toxic chemicals should be a top priority for him.

About TURI

The Institute was established under the Toxics Use Reduction Act of 1989 (MGL c 21I), which was passed unanimously by both houses of the Massachusetts State Legislature.

As the research and education arm of the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Program, the Institute provides training, information, and technical support to businesses, community groups, municipalities, universities, and state agencies.

Over the last decade, the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute has had a key role in helping reduce the amount of toxic chemicals used in manufacturing processes by 41 percent while improving companies’ competitiveness.

· The Institute has played a key role in helping reduce the amount of toxic chemicals used in manufacturing processes by 40%, and the amount of toxic waste generated by 58% over the last decade. This impressive accomplishment has made the Commonwealth a safer place to live and work while enhancing the competitiveness of Massachusetts companies, who realized an estimated net benefit of $11.6 million from reducing their use of toxics from 1990 to 1997.


Toxics Use Reduction Institute

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