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Who Decides?

The diagrams in the link below show how decisions are made under various proposals for surplus land disposition. Diagrams are presented for:

– Existing Outside Section 548 (the “fast track” law passed in 2003)
– Floor Amendment 790 (proposed 2005)
– Floor Amendment 1266 (proposed 2005)
– Community-based Smart Growth (proposed 2005)

The diagrams demonstrate that communities do not make the key decisions on reuse of surplus lands under OS 548 and the two floor amendments to the FY06 budget. Their only assured option under 548, 790 and 1266 is to decide to purchase the land if and when it reaches the point of sale. Under the alternative community-based proposal, communities would be the major decision-makers guiding the use of surplus properties once the state panels decide not to retain the parcel. Observance of state and regional guidelines would be monitored by a state-level reuse oversight committee.


–Major decisions are outlined in thick red borders.

–Blue fill indicates a major decision made by a state level committee (not accountable to the affected community).

–Orange fill indicates a major decision made by a legislative committee (not accountable to the affected community.)

–White fill within a double dashed red border indicates a major decision at the local level with some level of local accountability.



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