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Where Does the Money Come From?

Where does MCHC get the money to pay the bills of a fully-funded public interest organization engaged in education, analysis, and lobbying? The answer is: We don’t! Since our formation in February, we have been relying on dedicated volunteers and no-cost tactics to get the job done. We do not have any paid staff or any grants from foundations.

We’ve accomplished a lot with this approach: Developing tax policy alternatives, organizing protests against the budget cuts, establishing an informative website, building coalitions among constituencies that have never worked together, and injecting the concept of tax fairness into the budget debate. But sometimes, we dream about what we could do if we only had a little seed money to spend on the urgent tasks before us . . .

Imagine how our work would accelerate if we could actually spend money to support our volunteers! That’s where you come in. Are you willing to identify some part of your own budget that is flexible and send 10% of that item to MCHC? Are you willing to select MCHC as your favorite charity this year and launch us into the sphere of fully-funded public interest organizations by making a significant donation? If you can make a contribution to MCHC, please call us at 781-674-2422. Or send your contribution TODAY to

Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities
Post Office Box 644
Lexington, MA 02420

We’re counting on you!


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