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Links for More Information

Below are links to useful websites concerned with policy analysis or advocacy for the public interest.


Based in Roxbury, Massachusetts, ACE has been working in partnership with low income communities and communities of color to achieve environmentaljustice since 1993.

Citizens for Tax Justice is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research and advocacy organization dedicated to fair taxation at the federal, state, and local levels.

Massachusetts-based organization working for justice and peace through grassroots political action.

Support for grassroots organizations working for universal access to health care.

Website of the Massachusetts Human Services Coalition.

Focus upon expanding access to health care and protecting the MassHealth program.

Washington-based nonprofit focused on taxation and spending.

Analysis of budget and tax policy in Massachusetts

MMA is a non-profit organization representing local governments.
Corporate-sponsored analysis of Massachusetts tax policy. Good compilation of data on the state tax system.

Focuses upon social services and health care.

National organization that works for economic justice.

A regional Boston coalition of peace and justice groups which seek global peace through social and economic justice.


This site helps you find out who your elected officials are.

This site contains contact information for legislators and the status of bills.

Please send suggestions for additional useful sites to [email protected].


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