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MCHC Publications and Materials


Tax Fairness: A Real Solution to the Budget Crisis
MCHC Publication A01
This report describes how fair taxes can solve the Massachusetts budget crisis.

Better Ways to Fund Vital Services
MCHC Publication A02.1
This report suggests how the tax code can be revised to provide over $2 billion in additional revenues while moving toward greater fairness.


“Save Our Communities” – Slide show that explains why fair taxes are needed to preserve our communities. For a set of note pages with annotations for each slide   [Click Here].

Fair Budget Flyer – 2 page flyer on the budget crisis

Petition: Fair Taxes for Healthy Communities
Collect signatures to show support for solving the budget crisis with fair taxes!
For instructions on how to gather signatures Click Here

Flyer: Save Our Communities
One-page color flyer: Prevent budget cuts with fair taxes.

Brochure: The Monster That’s Eating Massachusetts
This six panel brochure explains the budget crisis and how to resolve it.

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