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Wed. February 19, 2002 – Methun, MA – Using buses to blockade two entrances, Greenpeace shut down Shaw’s Supermarkets main distribution center in Methun, MA for three hours this morning in effort to pressure the supermarket chain to rid their products of genetically engineered ingredients. Two activists locked down in three different buses to prevent the buses from being moved without injuring the people in the buses. The buses were painted to read “Shaw’s Stop the Genetically Engineered Food” and “The Genetic Experiment Ends Here”.

What You Can Do

  • Shaw’s parent company in England, J Sainsbury removed genetically engineered ingredients from their store-brand products in response to massive customer outcry.

  • Despite receiving over 20,000 postcards and letters, Shaw’s claims that they have not heard from their US customers.

Safe Foods Campaign activists and especially Shaw’s and Star Market customers are being urged to call Shaw’s Headquarters and demand non-genetically engineered food. Shaw’s is clearly beginning to get the message and has started asking callers to their customer service line which stores the callers shop at.

Tell them that we want them to remove Genetically Modified Ingredients from their Shaw’s brand products.
  • Customer Service Line: 1-888-431-7429

  • Shaw’s Headquarters (Ask to speak to Paul Gannon): 508-313-4000


It is also the perfect time to let Shaw’s know that their real customers do care, so if you haven’t written a personal letter to CEO Paul Gannon (see detailed alert below) and attached a sales receipt please do so this week! The more pressure they feel, the sooner genetically engineered food will be out our supermarkets and out of the environment.

We are asking you to save your Shaw’s receipts and send them along with a letter to the CEO of Shaw’s supermarkets. We need to show them that as paying customers, we want value for our $$!

It’s simple. All we are asking you to do is the following:
  1. Collect your Shaw’s receipts for the months of January and February.
  2. Write a sample letter to the CEO of Shaw’s, similar to the one below.
  3. Mail the letter and receipts to Clean Water Action, 372 Broadway, Providence, RI 02909
  4. Include a note along with your telephone # if you would like to get involved.

Sample letter to Shaw’s CEO Paul Gannon:

Dear Mr. Gannon,

I am writing to request that Shaw’s remove all genetically engineered ingredients from Shaw’s brand products. As a frequent shopper at Shaw’s (see attached receipts) I am deeply concerned about the company’s use of untested genetically engineered ingredients. GE ingredients such as corn and canola oil pose serious threats to my family’s health in the form of new food allergens and plant toxins. If your parent company can do it in England there is no reason Shaw’s cannot do the same for their US customers. We trust you do not want to lose customers.


Signed name

Printed name and address (so they can write you back)



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