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Lexington: State-owned land at corner of Piper and Waltham to be auctioned
Daily News Tribune, Thursday, March 11, 2004
By Brian Kelly / Staff Writer

A parcel of land at the corner of Piper Road and Waltham Street will be one of eight state-owned properties that will be sold at absolute auction on April 14.

The .84-acre, residentially-zoned lot is a short distance from Route 2 and is little more than a stone’s throw away from Temple Emunah. In addition to the Lexington lot, properties that will be sold at the auction per order of the commonwealth’s Division of Capital Asset Management include land in Medford, Middleborough, Beverly, Sturbridge, Grafton, and Foxborough.

“It’s a surplus Mass Highway right of way, near the east bound ramp of Route 2 at Piper Road and Waltham Street,” said DCAM Deputy Director Kevin Flanigan. “This is property that was left over from construction in that area probably in the 1940s or 1950s. Based on what we understand to be the zoning, it’s essentially a single house lot. … It’s been a surplus for at least ten years or more, and it’s just a matter of selling it and getting it back into productive use, and generating some revenue for the commonwealth as well.”

“It does have frontage on a public way and it is residentially zoned, so somebody could probably come in and put a house there,” surmised Lexington Planning Director Glenn Garber. “It’s tight to the highway and it isn’t the most ideal location, and though I don’t know the specific physical characteristics [of the property], it looks like somebody could have a house there.”

Town Manager Richard White said it’s not uncommon for the state to take pieces of property when working on road projects, and “what that creates is a whole series of slivers of property that we call tax title properties.”

Asked if the town would have any interest in the land, he said probably not, but that decision would be up to the Board of Selectmen.

“It’s small, it’s landlocked, and it abuts the highway. It doesn’t hold any strategic interest that I’m aware of,” said White. “Even if there was interest in it, we’d be hard-pressed to find the money for it.”

The properties will be auctioned off by JJManning.com Auctioneers, and the auction will take place at the Sheraton Newton Hotel at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 14. For more information, call 800-521-0111 or visit JJManning.com.

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