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Volunteer for the Secure Green Future

Please return the form below to [email protected] to volunteer.


Name: _______________________
Address: _______________________
Town _______________________
Phone: _______________________
Email: _______________________


(Y=Yes, N=No, M=Maybe)

___ I will lend my name to the public endorser list on the Secure Green Future website

___ I will participate in local voter education and organizing efforts around the Secure Green Future question.

___ I would like to get involved in statewide Secure Green Future petitioning and education

___ I will seek organizational endorsements from the following organizations:

___ I don’t live in an active district but would like to work locally to create an SGF municipal agenda

___ I would like to help with issue and policy research

___ I would like to help with writing, editing, and media work

___ I would like to help with the following administrative/logistical support
(e.g. phone calls, data entry, mailings, printing, travel, fundraising, website):

___ I will help spread the word to my friends and colleagues

___ I don’t have much time to help but I am happy to write a check (see below)

___ I’d like to help in these other ways: _________________________________________________

___ Please call me to discuss my involvement

Return to: [email protected]

If you would like to make a donation, please send a check to:
Committee for a Secure Green Future
9 Lake Boone Drive
Hudson, MA 01749

More information on SGF, including the full text of the question, the list of 11 districts, explanatory fliers, and other information can be obtained on our website, http://masschc.org/Secure_Green_Future.php

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