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District Organizing

Congratulations to the volunteers who successfully
placed SGF on the ballot in these 11 districts:
  • 8th Bristol (Rodrigues – Fall River, Westport)
  • 1st Hampshire (Kocot – Hatfield, Montgomery, Northampton, Southampton, Westhampton)
  • 3rd Hampshire (Story – Amherst)
  • 3rd Middlesex (Walrath – Bolton, Hudson, Maynard, Stow)
  • 9th Middlesex (Stanley – Lexington, Waltham)
  • 15th Middlesex (Kaufman – Arlington, Lexington, Woburn)
  • 23rd Middlesex (Garballey – Alrington, Medford)
  • 24th Middlesex (Brownsberger – Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge)
  • 32nd Middlesex (Clark – Melrose, Wakefield)
  • 15th Norfolk (Smizik – Brookline)
  • 3rd Worcester (Dinatale – Fitchburg)
Write to [email protected] to be put in touch with a local coordinator
If you would like to plan a campaign, fill out the District Organizing Checklist and send it to us.

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