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The following is a resolution passed by the Waltham City Council in December 2004.


Whereas… the new disposition process for state surplused properties now puts these parcels on the “fast track” for sale, thereby reducing public and community involvement, reducing the legislative process, and removing first right of refusal to municipalities, and…

Whereas… the new “fast track” process allows DCAM to sell state surplused properties without a legislative action for each disposition, and…

Whereas… each state property requiring protection now requires special legislation to approve a local reuse plan, in order to forego the new “fast track” process…

Be it resolved… that the Waltham City Council urges our two state representatives in Waltham to repeal the state’s new “fast track” disposition process for state surplused properties which was tacked onto Outside Section 548 of the state budget.

Respectfully submitted,

George A. Darcy III
Councillor Ward 3
October 25, 2004

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