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Dear Rep./Senator _________,

I am writing to you because I am very concerned about House Bill 3757, which would roll back tideland protection and end crucial community input in guiding development on tidelands. Our coastal and landlocked (or filled) tidelands are currently protected by Chapter 91, ensuring public benefits and environmental oversight when this land is developed. By weakening those protections, H3757 violates the public trust.

The developer lobby is claiming that the SJC ruling in the NorthPoint case is “clouding titles” for existing development that was improperly permitted. But that is no justification for diminishing the public trust and vital environmental protections into the future. Grandfathering in existing buildings, where appropriate, would make far more sense. And besides, H3757 does nothing to address title issues in the first place!

Opposing H3757 would:
  • keep tidelands intact as a public trust
  • maintain environmental permitting and oversight by the DEP
  • maintain community input as a safeguard for public benefit in development of public land
  • uphold the spirit of Chapter 91 and the SJC ruling, preserving public rights in public trust lands
Please oppose H3757 as filed by the Patrick administration, and uphold democratic principles by making future versions of the bill subject to additional public hearings. Any bill diminishing the public trust should be fully scrutinized before being passed into law.

Thank you.

Sincerely, __________

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