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For a $5 donation for each media disk, we’ll mail you:
  1. CD on relocalization – Bill McKibben talk “Deep Economy” in Boulder, CO 3-26-07 (available here as an mp3 file)
  2. DVD on global warming – Bill McKibben’s 350.org talk at the E. F. Schumacher Society, 10-17-09, professionally shot by Amherst’s film producer, Ernie Urvater (available online here.)
  3. DVD on peak oil – our taping of Richard Heinberg at Hampshire College 4-27-08 (available online here.)

Send your mailing address and check to “MCHC” with “PVRP-media” on the note line. Mail to: PVRP, PO Box 1059, Amherst, MA 01004-1059

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