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This site is owned and operated by Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities, a private, nonpartisan, non-profit organization. This privacy statement discloses how we safeguard the privacy of visitors to our site and how we honor your requests regarding use of information.

Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities gathers two types of information about users:

Submitted Information

Submitted information is information that users provide through optional, voluntary inputs. This includes, for example, the email address a user provides when they sign up for our email newsletter or join our list of supporters.

Because organizing and networking is part of our mission, we may forward to our email list an email message given to us by a third party when we think that such a message would be of interest to our subscribers and would further the values for which MCHC was founded. We will not transfer email addresses to another organization for their own use, nor will we sell database information to any commercial organization.

When people join MCHC as “supporters” the contact information they provide is merged into the core MCHC database. This database may be used for email, postal mailings, or telephone contact. If members do not wish to have telephone contacts, they can indicate this by sending MCHC a “Do Not Call” request to [email protected]. Requests to be completely removed from the MCHC database will be honored. The core database will not be sold for commercial use and will not be transferred to any other organization. On occasion, the MCHC Executive Committee may authorize use of the MCHC core database for a one-time contact by another organization (This means that they will be allowed to make one contact, but will not be allowed to retain the contact information for persons who do not take positive action to request continued information.)

Tracking Information

Tracking information is gathered automatically by counters that record what items visitors look at as they use the site. This information allows us to better tailor the website content to the interests of users. We will not store this information in a way that allows extraction of information about the viewing habits of individual users. Under no circumstances will we divulge any information about an individual user’s use of the site to a third party.

Your Consent

By using this site, you consent to the collection and use of this information by MCHC Any changes to our privacy policy will be posted to this page of the website for inspection prior to their taking effect.

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Privacy Policy
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