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Land Use


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Understanding Taxes

Land Use
Stop the auctions!

Repeal Section 548!

Why We Should Repeal Section 548!

• It takes away traditional rights of communities.

• It promotes sprawl, overdevelopment and high-cost

• It sabotages local planning for open space,affordable
housing, and traffic reduction.

• It bypasses democratic processes and legislative accountability.

• It makes it difficult for communities to acquire land
needed for open space and affordable housing.

• The future of public open space should be determined
with full participation of the public.

Here’s what you can do:

• Write a Letter to Your Legislators and to the Romney

• Get your City Council or Board of Selectmen to take
a stand

• Submit a warrant Article to Your Town Meeting

More Information:

Frequently Asked Questions About Section 548

• Background:

• Op-Ed from Lexington Minuteman

• Full text of Outside Section 548

• The Middlesex County Hospital Land (Lexington/Waltham)


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