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Lot 1 Public Hearing – June 13

Lot 1 Public Hearing – June 13

It has been announced that the Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM) will be presenting proposals for developing housing on Lot 1 of the former Middlesex County Hospital at a public hearing in Lexington scheduled for June 13 at 7 pm at the Cary Memorial Library located at 735 Massachusetts Avenue. This meeting will be an opportunity, perhaps the only opportunity, for the public to ask questions and offer testimony on this proposal and the future of this property in general

Lot 1 borders the crowded Trapelo Road Corridor where approximately 1,500 new housing units in several medium to large developments are already under construction or approved. This is an area that is already subject to flooding, a large traffic burden and storm sewer problems.

DCAM wishes to sell this land to the highest bidder in order to generate revenue for state coffers. This is one of the last remaining tracts of unprotected open space in this area, and it forms an integral part of what many local planners are hoping will become the Western Greenway. Lot 1 plays a vital role in linking the open space of Waltham and Lexington. DCAM is treating this land like a replaceable commodity.

This land, our Commonwealth Land, is not a replaceable commodity. Please join your fellow Lexington, Belmont and Waltham citizens in attending the June 13 meeting to respond to the development proposals that DCAM will be presenting. Join us in saying that the surrounding communities depend on Lot 1 with its unspoiled mature upland forest and array of several vernal pools, to remain open, green space

If you cannot attend, please write a letter to:

Commissioner David B. Perini
Division of Capital Asset Management
One Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108

Visit the CLC web site http://www.lexingtonma.org/clc/HomePage.htm


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