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Sign the Fair Taxes Petition!

Sign the Fair Taxes Petition!

Sign the Fair Taxes for Healthy Communities petition. Your voice will be added to thousands of others that are asking our legislators to solve the Massachusetts budget crisis with fair taxes.

The text of the petition is reproduced below.

To add your signature to the MCHC petition:
Send your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS to [email protected]

For a printable copy of the petition that allows you to gather signatures from friends   Click here

For signature gathering tips and instructions   Click here

A Citizen’s Petition


We petition the Massachusetts Legislature to support a “Fair Taxes For Healthy Communities” approach to resolving our budget crisis. This approach would

1) End unfair state tax burdens
on low and moderate income tax payers.

o Reduce tax loopholes used by the wealthiest taxpayers,
o Ensure a fair distribution of the combined state/local tax rate across all income groups.
o Reduce taxes and fees that fall heavily on low and moderate income taxpayers.

2) Adequately fund vital services
that are essential for healthy communities, including

o education
o health care
o public health
o fire, police
o hospitals
o affordable housing
o the social safety net
o job training
o transportation
o environmental protection

Inadequate state support for these services harms our communities and costs us more in local property taxes, fees, and costly damage to health and the environment.


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