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The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

Hosts: Groundwork Somerville & Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities

Co-sponsors: Green Streets Initiative, Somerville Community Growing Center,
Somerville/Medford United for Justice with Peace (SMUJP), Earth Crisis Response.

The Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities, in partnership with Groundwork Somerville will be showing "The Power Of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil" next Thursday, January 24th. Come and join us for this great movie and a wonderful discussion to follow!

When: Thursday, January 24th, 6:30-8:30pm

Where: The VNA, 259 Lowell St., Somerville (3rd floor community room)

Would you like to watch the showing of an important movie that relates how Cuba transformed itself when it lost all access to Soviet oil and petro-chemical fertilizers and pesticides?

As we enter a cold New England winter with record energy prices, and ever-more alarming news about the changing face of the planet, it is crucial that we begin to ask fundamental questions — as basic as where we will get our food in 10 years. What community-building projects can we start, and what ongoing projects can we support, to smooth out the transition to a post-carbon future?

The Green Streets Initiative has offered to create a raffle and put up some prizes for those who green their transportation to the event! Everyone who gets to the movie night using "green transportation"* will get a raffle slip. So, hop on a train, bus, bicycle or your own feet, or sign up to carpool through GoLoCo.org, and help us cut down our collective carbon footprint! Or drive some of the way, park and then walk a bit!

* DEFINITIONS!: What is green transportation? The idea is to reduce the use of individual cars… so, certainly walking, biking (use lights and safety gear!!!), riding the bus or train, carpooling, etc. You can even drive part way and walk or bus the rest. For our purposes, we are saying that you need to park at least (just!) 5 blocks away to be eligible! Hybrid cars and carpooling with just your own family doesn't count, b/c they don't remove cars from the road, and still pose hazards to cyclists and others trying to go green!


* MBTA.com for transit info, and often routes you hadn't thought of!

* www.GoGreenStreets.org: Director Janie Katz-Christy would be glad to help you explore options. 617-625-3822

Download this as a flyer!

Jennifer Lawrence, www.GroundworkSomerville.org, 617-628-9988.
Eli Beckerman, www.masschc.org, 617-821-1453

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