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CHAPA/UMass housing poll

Sunday, January 23, 2005
Daily News Tribune

A dearth of affordable housing has long been recognized as a problem for the Bay State, but a new poll released this week suggested things may be worse than many thought.

Though more than three-quarters of state residents said they would support the construction of more affordable housing, nearly half of residents said they seriously considered leaving the state in search of more affordable homes.

How concerned are you about the cost of housing in your area?

   51.4% Very concerned

   23.8% Somewhat concerned

   24.7% Not concerned

Does the amount of your monthly housing payment make it hard for you or your family to make ends meet?

   52% Yes

   48% No

Have you or members of your immediate family seriously considered moving out of Massachusetts because of the cost of housing?

   44.9% Yes

   55.1% No

Would you support building more affordable housing in your neighborhood?

   76.6% Yes

   23.4% No

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