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How your organization can join the effort

We need your support!

State-owned lands are on the auction block. And the fast-track auction law is up for renewal. Pressure from citizen groups started the movement to repeal Outside Section 548. And such pressure needs to continue to ensure that the necessary changes are made. By raising our voices together, we can strengthen our call for the just and wise use of scarce public lands for the benefit of us all.

If you are a member of a public interest organization that is concerned with land use and community rights, give that organization the information on Section 548 and ask them to sign the petition. Have the organization fill our the following form and mail to [email protected]. Please act today!


• Check all that apply:

___ We support the Section 548 petition. You have permission to add our name to the list of supporters.

___ We are considering supporting the petition, and will notify you when approval is obtained.

___ Please add us to your mailing list and keep us informed.

___ Please make our website URL available to other petition supporters.

• In addition, we can do the following:

___ Ask other groups we know to endorse the petition.

___ Write letters to our own legislators in support of the principles in the petition.

___ Publicize the issue in our newsletter, our website, or local newspapers.

• Name of Organization:

• Towns/Cities/Region Represented

• Our Organization’s Principal Contact Person For the Petition Effort:

• Name:

• Mailing Address:

• Email Address:

• Telephone No.(s):

• Other Key People to Add to Email News List:

• Name:

• Name:

• Name:

• Our Organization’s website URL (if any):

• Comments/Suggestions:

• Name of Person Who Filled Out This Form:

Return form by email to Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities, [email protected].

Or send to Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities, PO Box 644, Lexington, MA 02420.

Text of the Petition (and signatures)

More About the Petition

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