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H3757 eliminates protections not only for NorthPoint, but for all other development on filled (landlocked) tideland, in the future as well as the past. The developer lobby claims that the Supreme Judicial court ruling – which affirmed the need for permitting on filled tideland – "clouds title" for existing improperly-permitted development. If so, existing buildings can be "grandfathered" where appropriate. But any need to clarify "clouded title" would be no justification for diminishing the public trust and vital environmental protections going forward. A CONTRIVED CRISIS OF "CLOUDED TITLE" SHOULD NOT BE USED AS COVER FOR GIVING DEVELOPERS FREE REIN TO CASH IN ON FILLED-TIDELANDS across our imperiled coastal environment. "Clouding" of title due to lax and illegal past-permitting is no excuse for taking away public rights and making unregulated development the standard for the future.

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