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Sample Email to Legislators on 40T


Dear Rep./ Senator _______,

I am writing to ask you to oppose Senate Bill 146 / House Bill 159, which is currently before the Joint Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures, and State Assets. This legislation – also known as Chapter 40T – would create uncharted new forms of private governance, without critical public interest protections like transparency, accountability, and public participation in decision-making.

Giving private parties these governmental powers would diminish our democratic rights and safeguards. It would also open the door to taxation without representation, especially for any tenants within these development districts. Unaccountable financing schemes are causing much of the economic problems we are currently facing, and this law promises to leave tenants and homeowners footing the bills for private development projects.

Please seek solutions for the infrastructure and financing needs of the Commonwealth through existing laws, which already have provisions for special development districts. Don’t open up this can of worms!

I urge you to speak to House Speaker DiMasi and Senate President Murray, and ask them to defeat this privatization effort, once and for all.

Thanks for your consideration.

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